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Aliexpress Weekend  STORE 😍🎇 No hidden links no code needed to send.All rep items displayed on the store. This shop is only open for a few hours, once it’s gone it won’t be back! But orders will ship Normal way and Other processes. Our Best watch Supplier opened a weekend shop only a few hours. His quality absolutely amazing and variety items



Luxury Dupes Items directly selling buy a store for a few times its called aliexpress Weekend Shop. Generally, it is opened on the weekend times by a luxury replica seller. There is no aliexpress hidden link all are directly selling such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tommy, Calvin Klein, AF, Adidas Shoes, Nike Shoes, Gucci Shoes, Rolex Watch, Chanel, Dior, Moschino, Tiffani, Rayban, Converse, Timberland, Uggs Shoes and many more Luxury brands. So contemptible prices you can deal here also ask the seller anything about these items

Aliexpress sticks the rules and principally cancels one store after another because of trademark infringement/violation

Luxury Dupes Branded sellers are looking for ways to sell branded goods by Alliexpress. Some vendors do it through longer-lasting Aliexpress hidden links sales and more just through stores that are open only during the weekend –It’s called Aliexpress  WEEKEND STORES. Links are activated only at weekend days. When a lot of goods are sold out over the weekend, the seller closes the store earlier. So if you like some items, shop fast. You can ask the seller anything through message. Also Order Will Ship as Normal way.


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