Top Quality Nike AIR MAX 1 “87”


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    2. High/3A quality
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Quality Status?

There’s a budget or A quality made with Pu leather. Not exact. Colors and shades may be off.

There’s AA or in between. It’s in between a budget and top quality. It’s mostly real
Leather. I use this for travel or wallets because I change wallets like I change underwear. To me, this is a super acceptable quality.

There’s top/High/AAA quality. This used to be the “top” quality until a few years ago. Real leather, they will patina, date code is included. This is what I use. Unless someone inspects your bag and uses a magnifying glass, this is passable.

Then there’s Mirror/original/AAAA quality. The best of the best there is. I stick to this quality for classics. Ones that I feel like carrying ten years from now. This is accurate- from the date code to the lining to everything.
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