MCM embroidery back cover cases iPhone


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    • $11.88-No box/ $13.88- Add box;
    • for iphone 6 6s/ Plus/ 7/ 7Plus/ 8/ 8Plus/ iphone X/ XS/ XR/ XS MAX;
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    2. Good quality
    3. In Aliexpress images gallery Choose the phone this you want. But choose a random color!
    4. In checkout page must leave the message to the seller ” image on code+msh “.An Example ” YX39+msh “
    5. Carefully see images cause sizes to depend on code.
    6. Don’t miss msh otherwise the order won’t be shipped.
    7. Must Read the instructions, please!
    8. Please don’t contact the seller on Aliexpress and write a brand name or mention else. If any case to need contact let a message to us, We solve your issue
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  • Don’t try to send any images to the sellers on Ali.
  • Don’t write a brand name at Aliexpres or upload images on the feedback Just put 5*
  • For any reason first, try to contact us.

Quality Status?

There’s a budget or A quality made with Pu leather. Not exact. Colors and shades may be off.

There’s AA or in between. It’s in between a budget and top quality. It’s mostly real
Leather. I use this for travel or wallets because I change wallets like I change underwear. To me, this is a super acceptable quality.

There’s top/High/AAA quality. This used to be the “top” quality until a few years ago. Real leather, they will patina, date code is included. This is what I use. Unless someone inspects your bag and uses a magnifying glass, this is passable.

Then there’s Mirror/original/AAAA quality. The best of the best there is. I stick to this quality for classics. Ones that I feel like carrying ten years from now. This is accurate- from the date code to the lining to everything.
With a Post, We Mention what the quality of these Goods!

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