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What are the Aliexpress hidden links?

First and foremost, All deals and posts INSPIRED goods in all qualities. These are not authentic but almost look like they are. We deal with hundreds of China factories and we post the best of the best for you. We work with the most trustworthy sellers to make your shopping experience as smooth and joyous as possible.

How to Purchase with Aliexpress Hidden Links?
In the above, we have put the instructions and Hidden link of Aliexpress. Before making an order must read the instructions

Since our sellers are not allowed to post branded luxury-inspired goods in Aliexpress, we use a link that’s different than what’s being sold. For example, you want to buy an LV Purse. When you click the link, you see clothing that’s Selling in Aliexpress Platform. This is what you call a hidden link. As long as you message the code( usually its MSH), the seller will know it’s from our Website/Fb Group and she will send the branded counterpart listed in the Website/group.

SPEAKING OF QUALITIES, what kinds of qualities are there?

There’s a budget. Pu leather and I mostly use it for night outs where you carry it for a few hours. Not exact. Colors and shades may be off.

There’s AA or in between. It’s in between a budget and top quality. It’s mostly real
Leather. I use this for travel or wallets because I change wallets like I change underwear. To me, this is a super acceptable quality.

There’s top/High/AAA quality. This used to be the “top” quality until a few years ago. Real leather, they will patina, date code is included. This is what I use. Unless someone inspects your bag and literally uses a magnifying glass, this is totally passable.

Then there’s Mirror/original/AAAA quality. The best of the best there is. I stick to this quality for classics. Ones that I feel like carrying ten years from now. This is accurate- from the date code to the lining to everything.
With a Post, We clearly Mention what the quality of these Goods!

Not that it’s your business, but let me explain. We are affiliates. We make a commission based on the sales we get from the group. However, we do not get commission until AFTER you confirm that you have received your goods. So basically, we do not get a commission of goods are returned or not received.

WHAT IF THERE IS ANY ISSUE WITH MY ORDER? Not received, not described, the wrong item received, not up to my standards, etc?

Please if you are the member of your Facebook group Inbox the admins or you are the fan/follower our site of the are 3 ways to contact us

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First, shipping will take a few weeks to over a month especially if it’s a holiday. Please take note that China has many holidays not the same as the US/Europe.
Please buy a few weeks in advance before an event, or if you’re wanting to give something as a present, buy in advance. There are times that we can arrange DHL or EMS shipping for a fee, but that’s an additional $30 up. These two couriers take a week which is much faster.

Secondly, and very importantly, YOU CANNOT FILE A DISPUTE ON YOUR OWN- EVER. Disputes cause our seller’s stores to get shut down and they lose too much money. We don’t want that. If you in any way open a dispute without getting permission in admins, you would be banned not only in our website/group other please and mark as a spammer

Thirdly, PLEASE BE KIND. BE PATIENT. I get it, as a shopaholic myself I get extremely impatient when I don’t get faster it. We work hard to make all of you happy. Be kind to our sellers. You get why you pay for. Don’t expect real leather for pennies. Don’t expect things to be perfect, period. Our sellers work extremely hard too. They work for pennies. If there’s a tiny scratch on your

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